FUN FOTOS: TEXTURES – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Textures

Our whole world is all texture right now. It’s October. If you can’t take a pretty picture in New England in October, you should definitely take up another hobby 😀

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  1. I think it is colour overload to prepare you for the white stuff. Let’s hope there isn’t too much of that white stuff.


  2. Leaves make the best textures 😀 Wonderful photos.


    • It’s pouring outside, so this is probably the last “real” day of autumn. There will still be some leaves up and the oak leaves hang in there until December, though they are bronze. But with the sun, they turn the river’s gold. Maybe I can get a few of them in a few weeks. This is such a wonderful time of year. It would be perfect with less rain!


  3. And you take the best pictures!


    • I really believe that if you live in New England and can’t take a good picture in October, you should find a new hobby. The pictures pretty much take themselves. All you have to do is stand there, make sure the trash cans are NOT in under the golden trees — and avoid including your own shadow. If ever there was a “point and shoot” photo op, this has got to be “it.”

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      • I agree. You guys have very scenic neighborhood.


        • All of New England — Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are glorious in the fall (AND Vermont may be the winner!) with upstate New York gorgeous too. I think there are part of Pennsylvania that can be amazing, though they have slightly different colors. Some of their leaves look almost purple.

          I think from northern Maryland through Michigan and Minnesota, you get “true” autumn. There are leaf color changes elsewhere too, but there’s something about the color of the sunlight in these areas that are special … or maybe it’s the water from the ocean and great lakes. I know Washington state has some amazing colors too, along with Alberta — if it doesn’t snow early. And Toronto and Quebec. But nothing beats out New England 😀

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  4. I wish I could send you a photo I took yesterday representing our fall 🤪😉


    • Today it’s pouring and damp and chilly. One of our dozens of squirrels unscrewed one of the feeders. This is the third time. Clever little devils. It also occurs to me that we may be getting a little assistance from local raccoons. I never see the raccoons, but I know they are here. If you don’t feed them, you don’t get to have them try to break into your house and wreck it!


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