Why Do Corgi Mixes Always Look Like Corgis?

So do you like weiner dogs or Corgis? How about a Basset Hound? Humans have a real passion for short-legged dogs … and there are a lot of them just about everywhere. Here’s some science behind it!


Because corgis carry a dominant mutant gene called retrogene. It forms when the usual system for building proteins doesn’t go as intended.

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I recently went to the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City with my daughter. She’s studying interior design so we focused on furniture and home decor through the centuries.

Here are some more photos of the wonderful pieces we saw.

I love the different tones of wood on this hutch

A wonderful old Grandfather Clock

Unusual piece with two-toned wood and an odd-shaped base

A lovely desk/dressing table

The beautiful wood pattern on this dining room storage unit

17th or 18th century harpsichord

Chairs are my favorite furniture item. Here are a few from American history

Wood chair with leather seat

Big upholstered wing chair with an odd foldable, two-tiered table next to it

SImple chair with elegant fabric

My favorite chair. Beautiful lines and shapes.

Intricate and delicate wood inlay work

Gorgeous inlaid marble table