Why Do Corgi Mixes Always Look Like Corgis?

So do you like weiner dogs or Corgis? How about a Basset Hound? Humans have a real passion for short-legged dogs … and there are a lot of them just about everywhere. Here’s some science behind it!


Because corgis carry a dominant mutant gene called retrogene. It forms when the usual system for building proteins doesn’t go as intended.

Via – SciShow

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9 thoughts on “Why Do Corgi Mixes Always Look Like Corgis?

  1. Cocoa is a Corgi/Chihuahua mix. He was doomed to be stumpy from the start. 🙂 But you can see more Chihuahua in him than Corgi. He’s the size of a Corgi but shaped like a Chihuahua. He’s got the Corgi fur though, and the Corgi temperament.


    • And, usually those stumpy legs. I just thought this was interesting for dog lovers. I always wonder why, for example, most Asian dogs have squashed faces while European dogs have long noses — some VERY long. I have a rescue who has all the markings of an Asian dog. Squashed in face, slightly buggy eyes, and best of all, one ear up and the other flopped. He looks like one of the Chinese toy breeds, but he weighs 35 pounds! I’d LOVE to know what he really is. A Corgi-Chihuhua mix should make a very nice little dog with energy and not too clingy. Does he chase cows?


  2. Naomi and I have both had Corgi crosses and the Corgi was most definitely dominant in them. Both great dogs with lots of personality. Cindy’s mother was a Corgi Staffordshire Terrier X and that was part of the reason I took her. I like the size of them, not too big, not too small. What I didn’t know was that dad was a labrador until my workmate who was getting her for me showed me photos. Cindy is not in the least Corgi like. Maybe as the mother was a crossbreed the gene was not as strong or the Lab gene is also a dominant one.


  3. I think Corgis are so cute, but I feel a bit sorry for them as the head always looks a bit heavy on those stubby legs. Thanks for sharing that little clip about them. ❤ That Brilliant site sound intriguing as well!


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