And then there are some more:

Big red tree and little white house

Autumn memories of Europe

The golden wall by the bridge

Steps to the Canal

Square fence by the river

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  1. wow Marilyn, there are some works of art in this collection. What fabulous lines


  2. You added some very interesting effects to Autumn memories of Europe…lovely photos Marilyn.


    • I can’t draw a mask, but I can overlay pictures. Then, the hard part is balancing the two shots — and finding two photos that look like they belong together.

      Another thing I need to work on. It has come out best when the two pictures were taken in the same place at the same time, so I have a big moon and a smooth beach and the balance is already there. Then it’s not hard to blend the two since the tones are all the same (at least if you used the same camera for both shots!). But it’s a lot of work and I can take half a day to get it to work out!

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  3. I love your squares


    • It’s the end of the month and I have SO many pictures, starting with day 1 and the month’s not over yet. I figured I’d better get my act together and at least make some use of the photographs. I also wanted to try doing the squirrels as sketches, which was harder than I expected. The “sketch” function works best on things with strong, linear front focus and not so well when the back and foreground are evenly balanced. And although there are a lot of ways to create a “mask” over one section of the picture and change the balances, I’m not very good at it. I need to try harder and find a way to make my hands stop quivering, Shaky hands make it difficult to get the outline for the mask to “fit” the image properly and I have yet to do one successfully. When they show videos of this on YouTube it always looks simple.

      Maybe it is for someone, but not me!


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  1. Thank You for the M̶u̶s̶i̶c Lines | The life of B

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