FAREWELL OCTOBER – Marilyn Armstrong


It’s the last day of October and most of the trees are bare. It has been raining all week and last night’s wind and rain finally finished off the trees. So, in this vintage version of the old Inn around the corner, we say gooodbye and hope that winter is more kindly this year.

Photo by Garry Armstrong, processing by Marilyn Armstrong.

The 1700s Inn at at the end of our road. It has been added to, but the basic building remains. Until recently, it was a restaurant. Maybe it will be again.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

26 thoughts on “FAREWELL OCTOBER – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. It turned quite cold here, cold enough to snow actually. The leaves changed their colours and fell in one day. Although a few had fallen earlier and were swept up, when I look out the window now, there’s a mountain as they literally all fell at once. It’s going to be a busy weekend sweeping for sure as I don’t want to risk yet another fall sliding on wet leaves. But I have to say the colours were spectacular. Only wished I’d managed to capture some of this for you.


  2. Autumn is such a fascinating month, it’s always a new chapter by itself as now. It’s ending beautifully carrying along with some sorrows also. Beautiful words of yours, have a blessed day ahead! πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚


    1. It’s a beautiful building, tool. It has been empty for years now. I was sure someone would buy it and turn it into condos, but I think there’s a lot of land attached to it, so it is probably pretty expensive.

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        1. It’s also on what we humorously call a “main road.” It’s beautiful area. Gently rolling hills and maple trees. It would also make a great little museum (or a small golf course but we have two other full-size course around the corner. Anyway, that’s not in the cards here. We are so desperate for new business and taxes that everything else doesn’t even get to the table for discussion.


        2. It would. And they would be EXPENSIVE condos. They make money in taxes and they don’t have little kids, so they cost little to the town. There’s lots of space, probably 100 acres or more, so they could make it a real luxury resort for older folks who want comfort without having to shovel snow and rake leaves!


  3. Beautiful processing – yesterday I skyped with Hero Husband and I told him, temperature and appearance were very ‘Novembery’ but – apart from the vines and now the magnolias, most of our trees are still pretty green, only the occasional yellow leaf flutters to the ground – most dead leaves are being blown over from our neighbours…. But WHEN it’s beautiful, it’s heartbreakingly so – we had two days this week when my heart wanted to jump out of my body with the golden sunlight and the stunning colours further away.


    1. Yesterday, most of the leaves were still on the trees. Today, they are falling like a heavy snowstorm. What remains on the trees are the bronze leaves of the oak trees and they will linger on through December and finally fall just before Christmas. So Autumn is over, but it was a good one!

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      1. I’m so glad for you – you need every little bit of encouragement. We seem not to have had truly a autumn season – apart from the vines turning red and sprouting blue berries and everything just sort of whitteling away. Temperatures are falling though and the heating is on heavily.


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