When we manage to convince the squirrels that it’s time to unhook their claws from the feeders, the birds pour in by the dozens. They know they only have half an hour before the squirrels are back again. They don’t mind the little chipmunk who comes to clean up the fallen seeds on the wood railing and ground.

Our leaf-covered driveway.

Never mind that I swept and cleaned the entire deck yesterday. There’s no evidence today that it was ever cleaned. And then there’s the driveway. Why do the winds only blow leaves onto the drive, but never off? Just asking!


Lady Cardinal

The Mourning Doves are back

Tufted Titmice


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  1. They might be out of focus, but they are adorable.

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  2. I think the birds need the food more than the squirrels….

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  3. That chipmunk is just so cute. We don’t have them although we have a lot of similar-sized creatures: but they are not so brave. I’m happy to see the Mourning Doves are back because I think that you said you had not seen many so far. Now that winter is beginning I think more birds will find their way to Cafe Armstrong.

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    • And they were ALL out-of-focus, too. I must have brushed against one of the millions of buttons on my camera … and now I have to figure out which one it was so I can get it back to normal. You would NOT believe how HUGE the menu is for my Olympus cameras. No one uses these options anyway — they are just there to raise the price of the camera. They don’t really explain what the various options do — not even in the so-called manual — so even if you wanted to use them, there’s no way to figure out HOW. I have NO idea what most of them are supposed to do.

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