I woke up this morning with an earworm. Not your normal earworm. Mine was a 1920s earworm. It was a song my mother sang often and for once, she actually got the words right. Ask any member of my family and they will assure you: my mother never ever remembered the words to any song — except this one. She would sing words from other songs to whatever melody was bouncing around in her head.

So I get up this morning and this is what I’m hearing, but without the scratches:

And by golly, the words I had in my head were dead on. Next, the obvious question arises:

How did Google get its name? – Mobilis In Mobile

The mysterious mysteries of the Internet!
You may have read this kind of “official answer: “Google derived its name from the word “googol”, a term coined by then nine-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner. … Google was named after Barney Google.”

Barney Google – The History

But will you ever feel the same way about Google again? I bet you won’t! And it all began with an early morning earworm!

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16 replies

  1. holy god in heaven, I remember hearing that song!


  2. Is that the one where he keeps “googling along”?


  3. Bigfoot style… I never knew there was any kind of a name for strips like that. You found an earworm, and I learned something about comic strip history…


  4. I know that song, one of my dad’s repertoire. I also sort of grew up with it. Oh Marilyn, there are not many of us left today, but such memories are wonderful. I can hear my dad singing it now.


  5. Marilyn, what an interesting story, you are a real sleuth, hope your enjoying good health, amen

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  6. Interesting. Shame Google didn’t keep the font.


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