My granddaughter is in college. Twice. She’s studying to be a beautician AND a psychologist (online). She’s a bit busy which is fine because it keeps her away from men. She has really terrible taste in men. But at her age, so did I. Actually, thinking about it, most of us had terrible taste in a lot of things, relationships being just one of them.


What she would like and I wish I could give it to her, is an iPad. I simply don’t have the money. If Garry had not co-opted my Mac for his voice recording work, I could give her that, but it’s taken. I actually, for the first time in my life, have only one computer. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have a broken one in my closet in the bedroom. It needs a new battery, but I can’t find anyone who knows how to get one. It wasn’t a mainstream computer and there weren’t many of them made. So it’s in a case at the bottom of my bedroom closet. Not too useful.

Macbook Air

Garry has an iPad that he doesn’t use much, but Garry keeps things. He doesn’t give them away. He saves everything, including things he hasn’t had any actual use for in 50 years like his Marine Corps dress uniform into which he can still fit.

I was thinking of getting her a Chromebook. Garry has one and he uses it all the time … but he doesn’t have to write papers for school and Chrome only has Chrome documents and stuff like that. I do not know if it would handle the workload she has got.

In return, she would like to paint our front door. She likes to paint. Actually, she has always liked to paint but I must discourage her from getting excessively artistic. That door will need to be painted again and again over the years and she may not be around to augment her artwork.


Anyone know enough about the Chromebook’s OS to tell me whether or not it’s up to managing a college student’s part-time work? This would be the “lightweight” computer. The heavy one is one of my old laptops that has a dead battery. Effectively, it’s a desktop computer.

I have no idea what it would cost to replace the bad battery. Another question I need to ask … but out here in the boonies, it’s hard to find someone to ask. We don’t have a lot of computer experts lurking around and those who are lurking are basically … well … me.

Maybe second hand? They rebuild iPads, so maybe?

All input gratefully accepted!

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  1. I wish I could help, Marilyn, but I don’t know anything about the Chromebook’s OS. Are there any second hand stores around? That’s where I got my first computer that was all my own.


  2. Yes. I’ve got Win10 and it almost works most of the time.


  3. I have found batteries online for various things. I usually start on ebay if it can not be had at the supermarket or drug store. After that it is Amazon. Finally, some manufacturers may still provide parts.
    I need a new computer soon because Microsoft will stop supportimng Windows 7. That really was a great platform, and I am not real carzy about Windows 10. I guess they will push us all in that direction.


  4. … and some of us had/have terrible taste in women, as well as other stuff. As for a computer, she should check with the surplus dept at her college, or university. Occasionally a whole dept. will dump their computers in order to upgrade. Boston might be a better place to do this.


  5. Just a thought – Amazon has refurbished items for sale pretty often. Now I don’t know how it all works and how you’d make sure you weren’t being ripped off, but you might find a refurbished one on there. Amazon does have a policy of being an arbitrator IF you got a lemon. I bought a casserole dish on line once and it arrived broken, as the seller had packed it in an inadequate box. I got my money refunded (by Amazon) and they went after the seller for their costs. You might find an actual i-Pad for surprisingly reasonable money. And right now Amazon is offering discounts on used tablets, so hey! You never know. Good luck!


    • I’ve bought several refurbished computers from Amazon and they were fine. Other stuff too. A lot of the time, there’s really nothing wrong with the item — just the packaging is damaged. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars that way.


  6. Mr. Swiss has a Surface book pro and is happy with it, but that is not a cheap machine. I love my Macbook Pro, but again not a cheap investment. I use my iPad a lot, but there again I have one of the more powerful ones. basically I cannot give good advice. I am in Switzerland and you are in the States. I had never heard of the Chromebook and neither had Mr. Swiss. It seems to be a Samsung product.


  7. Online stores have refurbished computers?

    eBay might be a good source to buy the battery. I would go that route first… but then again, if it’s been several years it may or may not handle all of the windows updates needed.

    Ask the googles if the chrome book is good for writing papers. If one has a cloud account, then if the computer dies, the documents are safe and then one just needs access to a printer!

    Good luck!!


  8. Chromebook is good for basic things like browsing the web and writing reports. I know a lot of school (non-college) kids use them, but don’t know beyond that. I assume you can do WebX or Skype or whatever. Maybe simple graphics.


    • I’ve had problems converting Google docs to a more standard format, but they’ve changed them recently, so maybe they work better. Everyone wants MS doc format … but I don’ have the money for that, so I use Lotus’ free Open Office. But that’s not a standard format either.

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  9. can’t help you with the machine Marilyn, but your story about the door reminds me, of the time I got an artist friend of mine to paint my old office door, the welcome door, outside, I wanted an original, So I had a door filled with clouds and sky of blue and white, I was heading for the clouds, it got a few strange looks I tell you, cheers.

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