An Indoor Garden – 11-3-2019

Taking pictures of birds today, I stopped and took some pictures of my indoor garden. The purple orchids are finally falling, but there are new shoots that I hope will replace them. And there are a lot of shoots on the other orchid too.

November and I bet there will be buds on the Christmas cacti soon. They sure do look healthy. Maybe too healthy. It’s time to water them less often I think.

A vertical look at my indoor garden

And then, this is what our woods looks like today. You can see how the oaks are all bronze. This is the month of the golden woods.

Downy Woodpecker in golden woods

8 thoughts on “A SUNDAY LOOK AT THE INDOOR GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Thank you for sharing some beautiful pictures and the fact that some lucky few (like yourselves) can grow such a thing as an ‘indoor garden’. My own “garden” consists of dead stalks and a little wry sign that reads “I tried. They died.” True dat. 😐


  2. Marilyn–the bokeh on that last photo is gorgeous. I can’t do an indoor garden–yours is lovely. My cats are way too inquisitive…and jump way to high.


  3. I thought it was October when you were suppose to stop watering the cactus. Mine is very droopy. Whatever you do seems to work, Marilyn.


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