A BLOGGING DIARY – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Diary

Since I started seriously blogging, it has become a diary. It wasn’t meant to be, but because of it, I know when major and minor events occurred in my life. I can call up the time  — at least if it happened during the past 7 years — in my blog.

So much of the blog is made up of the things that have happened day to day in my world. Big things, little thing, barely anything — they all wind up on the pages of the blog. That’s why I’ve refused to let myself be locked into a particular style of blogging or a particular theme. It’s a big world and there’s a lot going on.

Two little titmice sitting in a feeder

In any case, I’ve never appreciated the idea or concept of being “locked-in” to anything. Ever. Even now, when physical movements are limited, at least my brain (such as it is) can roam free … and blogging has enabled me to do a lot more mental roaming than I ever thought possible!

A rather menacing Blue Jay!

I also feel I should mention that I’ve learned a lot. Not only by writing, but from the comments and conversations I’ve had. My world is bigger and I know so many more details of things that were previously just broad swathes of knowledge.

It’s a diary of what has been and it is also a diary of what I’ve learned.

24 thoughts on “A BLOGGING DIARY – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They have definitely taken over a part of the day at the feeder. When they feed, the rest of the birds fly into a nearby tree and politely (or not so politely) wait. As soon as the Jays liftoff, they are back.


  1. My blog is much less like a diary than yours is. First of all, I blog anonymously. Second, a significant number of my posts are flash fiction based upon various prompts. However, my non-fiction posts, those about politics, religion, and society, do give me a bit of a diary-like glimpse into what I was feeling or experiencing at the time I posted them.


  2. I agree, Marilyn. I often find that old blog posts are helpful as a reminder of when things happened and like a diary nice to take out an old memory and look at it again. I was reading my old posts about my trips to the western part of Tasmania yesterday and thinking was that really in 2012?
    I really enjoy the conversations we all have in the comment threads too.


    • I look at old blogs too and say am shocked at how long ago — or how recently — stuff happened. It’s have for me to realize that my brother died more than 10 years ago … or that the heart surgery was more than five years ago. It doesn’t feel that long ago at all.

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