BLUE LIKE THE JAYS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Blue

And after the Red-Bellied Woodpecker flew off to do other things, the Blue Jays came back and I took some more pictures! These are beautiful birds. Rather sinister and they destroy the nests of other birds and eat their eggs.  But as blue as a bird gets, Blue Jays are. Blue, I mean.

And a few more blues:


Garry in blue

Blue benches

23 thoughts on “BLUE LIKE THE JAYS – Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. Nice to see the return of the blue theme. I love that last picture of one on the branch. They’re very beautiful birds.


  3. All so lovely. We don’t have blue jays here, we do have stellars jays which are similar but so damn noisy, they never shut up and they squak it isn’t a pretty bird song to be honest!


    • Blue Jays are beautiful and rather impressive, but they are nest raiders. They will try to take on most birds — except (obviously) hawks — and woodpeckers! Garry was looking at them this morning and commenting what an impressive bird it is. Our are really BIG.


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