GET YOUR FLU SHOT! Marilyn Armstrong

Don’t take this the wrong way because I am very much in favor of flu shots, but this sounds like a public service announcement rather than a blog. All in a good cause.

Since we started getting flu shots every year, we haven’t gotten the flu. Not once and we used to pick it up — followed inevitably by bronchitis and/or pneumonia. It doesn’t mean we don’t get sick, but not the flu.

Don’t forget your flu shot …

I tell everyone to get the flu shot because the flu is not your everyday cold. It’s a big deal. Even if you are young and healthy, the flu will keep you out of work for a couple of weeks. It has a knack for becoming the gateway for pneumonia and other breathing problems. And above all, it makes you feel like holy hell.

So I’m all for it.

We usually get flu shots every September, but we waited until November this year … mostly because we had some kind of other bug earlier and you can’t get vaccinated if you already “have something.” This year it has been stomach viruses. Yuck. There was one year when there was a second flu going around. The researchers are human and don’t always get it right, but they do pretty well.

Now, all we need are people who don’t believe the anti-vaxxers more than they believe in science and doctors and we are home free!

And in the meantime, maybe I can help keep everyone else I know and care about free of flu!

9 thoughts on “GET YOUR FLU SHOT! Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Got mine. Ever since I got H1N1 in 2009 from a stupid, selfish bitch of a student who would NOT stay home [attendance was NEVER mandatory in my classes and work could be made up but my stupid, selfish students never believed me or the syllabus, having been conditioned by NCLB to hate and fear teachers and have no initiative (like read the syllabus)] I contracted it before I could get a flu shot. October 2009. I do not remember ever being that sick before.


  2. I have gotten flu shots for as long as I’ve worked in health care because it is really mandated, some people still refuse and wear a mask from September until April! I’ve gotten the flu as well, with flu shots. One year I got the flu twice, December and February, I was in the ER with IV fluids given to me (2) before I could go home, or be admitted….I worked in chronic ventilator unit, and there are many antibiotic resistant strains of germs we come in contact with, even with hand washing, and wearing gloves, gowns and cleaning rooms and surfaces often. So, I worry about some of the ailments I have, and wonder if they are related, mostly the joint aches and pains, Fibromyalgia for one, is said to be related to flu shots. I will continue to get my flu shot though because I may get the flu (horrible if happens, especially as nurse…we don’t get sick, or have sick days, ya know,) hopefully not as bad as if I were not protected, and I don’t want my husband to get sick from me. Generally he is fine. I think his immune system is much better than mine, I believe I have everything I ever treated lying dormant in my body I believe, someday….POP it will all appear, I take probiotics, and advanced liver defense supplements, try to eat well, avoid HFCS and GMO produced stuff as much as we can. When I retire from health care I will still get flu shots because, as I said, it’s all inside, waiting to go POP!


    • The problem has always been that they have to take their best guess on which strain of flu or cases of flu is coming around on a given year. Usually, they get it right, but once in awhile, they don’t … or they don’t realize what a powerful strain it is going to be. I’ve gotten the flu — or it’s twin brother — too. The year I had heart surgery it had to be deferred for months until pneumonia which followed the flu ran its course. Even so, they had to suck the gunk out of my lungs before they could operate. I had a lurid image of coughing and having my heart fly across the room, sort of like the scene in “Airplane.”

      I think everything wrong with me is just ONE thing. It’s just no one looks at ALL of me. They don’t even have the tools with which to do it.


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