Fandango’s Provocative Question #47

A provocative question today that I think currently means very little. It probably meant something 200-years ago, but now? I doubt it.

Here’s the question:

Technological singularity?

Personally? I think we reached it years ago — probably at least 50 years ago — and we are already in the throes of it. It did not need to become a net negative, but because of other issues — politics being the obvious one but also human greed, corporate greed, and a refusal to believe that the world was not made to accommodate us and when we push its boundaries hard enough, it will, in its own way, push back.

We have a dying world. We have a horribly over-inflated belief in humanity’s place in this world. And it will come to pass — is already coming to pass — that we shall discover how unimportant we really are. We are mosquitoes sitting on the back of a world that is getting ready to take a dip in waters lethal to our kind.

We shall be cleaned out and slowly but surely vanish. The planet will survive and recover in its own way. Whether or not that recovery leaves room for our kind? I’m not overly optimistic about it. While we are making enormous progress on one level, we are destroying what needs to be saved at the same time. It won’t do us any good to create a green world when we have already destroyed the greenery.

We can try, but we’d better start trying a whole lot harder than we currently are. Because I don’t think we can call a time out on the changes we have created and the desolation it is likely to bring.

Sorry for not sounding more chipper and cheery. If someone has something chipper and cheery to add that is based on science and not a personal opinion, shout it out.


  1. Yeah this is depressing and it’s depressing because we all know this already and there’s NOTHING any one of us can to do stop it except vote for a better president and representatives and do whatever is in our power and keep a positive attitude. As for your granddaughter’s generation, she, like all the rest of us, is going to have to deal. And yeah, I think that’s harsh but it’s not news. We’re dealing with consequences now left by our forefathers that they could NEVER have imagined. I’m done wringing my hands. ❤


  2. I don’t know that we’ve yet reached the technological singularity, but I do share your pessimistic view of what we’re doing to our planet and how it will likely lead to the demise of the human race.


  3. It is your point of view, nothing wrong with that! We were watching a documentary in which Elon Musk was being interviewed. There was an interesting moment in which he actually looked scared when they asked that question. He was afraid of what they’d already done and uncovered and it made me think that the genie is probably already out of the bottle. It was disconcerting to be honest. I have to find the interview and re watch.


    • I think it is the way humans are. We always want to know more. How this works, how that works … and when we figure it out? We use it to despoil the natural beauty of our world. If I’m right, there’s little room remaining to fix what’s wrong. I think we’ve pushed too far and too hard.

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