It’s always a bit chaotic at dinner time which is right before sunset. But today, it was a birdie riot. Also, I want to mention that you should NEVER EVER let them download updates to your graphics software at 10:30 at night. I’ll get this sorted out, but it’s 2 hours later and nothing is working as it did before I stupidly let them download. I will never learn. I click and THEN I think.

Meanwhile, though, I got a few nifty pictures of the birds doing their dinner swirly thing. All the birds come to the feeder at about 4 o’clock and it’s just a riot.

It was indeed quite a get-together this evening!

Sharing? That never happens!

You’ve got to love that diving Chickadee!

Looks like Thanksgiving at the in-laws

And then, one flew away — but more will come!

Hunger beats out arguments!

There were a couple of Cardinals I missed, and two really fat doves and a few Blue Jays … and a few I still don’t recognize. But the crowd definitely made it to dinner tonight. Maybe tomorrow I can get my software working again!!

11 thoughts on “DINNERTIME AT THE FEEDERS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • That is a red-bellied Woodpecker. There’s another one that probably lives closer to you and looks the same but has a completely golden head. They have that really interesting “ladder” on the back, too. These are the medium size woodpeckers. There’s one more REALLY BIG ONE who is a dead-ringer for Woody himself and is probably the bird from whom they drew Woody. And like woody, they are wacko birds. I think it’s from all the pounding on trees. They like seeds too, though, so if you have a feeder, you’ll be amazed by what will show up. I’m still amazed!


  1. They do have their feeding times. Mine are there early in the morning. I swear the crow is calling them all to see what is available. I notice your feeders are half full. I fill mine when I rise and by lunch time there is only a third left, but they get no more until the next day at I also have food at the edge of the garden. The really seem to have a feeding routine.


    • We fill ours, but the squirrels take off the first third and usually empty out the flat feeder, so when I get up, if there’s any food left in the hanging feeder, I leave it until right before dinner and then fill it. But I fill the flat feeder while the coffee is dripping into the pot. They ALL prefer the flat feeder — but I can’t afford that much birdseed. They can easily knock off seven or eight pounds of it every day and the stuff they like — yes, they have their preferences too (Garry wants to know why THEY always get the “good stuff”) — the expensive mixes. I would buy more of it, but there’s only so much I can store in the house!

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