How We Domesticated Cats, Twice – Reblog

This is based on the belief that we really have domesticated cats!


A burial in Cyprus that dates back to around 9,500 ago is the oldest known evidence of companionship between humans and cats. But when did this close relationship start? And how did we help cats take over Cyprus, and eventually the world?

Via – PBS Eons

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4 thoughts on “How We Domesticated Cats, Twice – Reblog

  1. That’s rather interesting….. (although the guy’s speech was so sped-up that I found it difficult to catch every word – it’s still early over here and my grey matter is probably not fully awake yet – AND outside somebody is mowing the grass with a HUGE powerful seater-lawnmower. He is wearing heavy ear protection pads!)
    Now can we PLEASE have the ‘same thing’ on dogs? I’m far more interested in their story of domestication 😉


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