LOBBY AND LOBBYING – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Lobby

I grew up in a world where “lobby” was the big room in a hotel where you got the keys to your room.

Today lobbying is a definition of what’s wrong with the country.

8 thoughts on “LOBBY AND LOBBYING – Marilyn Armstrong

      • I knew a guy (OF COURSE, I knew a guy). Vinnie Piro. He worked he state house for OTHER guys. Vinnie’s mantra – “Gotta grease a few guys”. Vinnie was a cash carrying lobbyist. That was then. Now, Vinnie is doing time. Wonder who’s greasing who?

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        • And don’t I know it! Writing a book was murder for me. I didn’t have the money for a real editor, so I did it myself — and oh what an awful job i did. I can barely read the book, it’s so full of typos and sections that need rewriting,

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