The Cactus is Back!

I had been noticing how exceptionally healthy both my cactuses looked, but I hadn’t noticed any buds. Until I looked more carefully and realized they were full of buds. Tiny buds at the end of almost every strand.

Now, some of them are big, plump buds and just about ready to open. Here’s how they looked yesterday:

An overlook of the big cactus

Closeup one

A little broader look

Softly framed

6 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CACTUS IS BACK — Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I have always been curious about these because I don’t see that name in our garden stores. I wondered if they were marketed under another name here and found that in Australia we call them zygocactus. Quite an interesting story of how they came to be available here too.
    I hope to try again with Poinsettia this summer and see if I can keep one going past the season.


  2. I almost envy your success with your Christmas cactus. I have had bad luck with the last two years, but will try again this year. Our store only have a couple at the moment and pink ones. I want red ones, they seem to survive better


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