Da Prez has been shrieking “Witch Hunt” but not everyone is quite as stupid as he thought they were. Where there was no one willing to testify, now they have more people lined up who want to “tell the whole truth” then they have time to listen to.

Drip, drip, drip.

It takes time. Years. But now,  we want to know what happened. Really happened.

First, there was Mueller. We were disappointed. We wanted more than that. Nothing wrong? Are you kidding? I assumed he had done everything wrong. It was more a matter of proof, evidence, facts, legal stuff. This has been a lot like Watergate times 20. I remember the joy I felt as during  Watergate when the dominos began to fall.

Drip, drip, drip … plunk … rattle, bang, bang, bang.

And they all fell down. Finally, down went the Top Dog. Never did I imagine we’d wind up back in this place again with even bigger and more dangerous fish to fry.

Aside from setting our country back to being a proper nation, we’ve got a planet to save, wars to end, a climate to save. Oceans to clean and wildlife to preserve. Medical care to make available to all. There’s barely anything that doesn’t need some degree of saving.

I’m going to go with “save the planet first,” but that’s only because if we lose the planet, nothing else will matter.

Maybe, along the way, we will save ourselves from extinction. That would be a nice touch.

I just wanted to add this last bit, in case you weren’t clear on what I’ve been getting at.

There are no innocents in this mix. To say that all politics is corrupt is more or less true and always had been … but not like this.

I don’t merely want to “know more.” I want the whole story. Paragraph by paragraph, line by line. I want to know what happened and more than that, I want to know what I can do to make it better. I’m tired of feeling helpless while the world crumbles around me. Maybe now we can make a start at changing the world into a place my granddaughter can build a life.

8 thoughts on “LIKE WATERGATE. DRIP, DRIP, DRIP – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. And having read a recent post of yours where you lament a little about your lack of inspiration, I say to you: THIS kind of thing is your salvation!! You keep us (well people like me) INFORMED. I have far too much depression and let us face it lack of interest to wade through stuff I’ve lived through before (I was in 7th grade when Watergate hit, but by gaw! I was THERE). I learnt about the bad guys ((my mother hated Nixon from day one and so I had that exposure too)). I’m too suicidal to read about Trump, IF I could without throwing up. I probably couldn’t. I loathe that idiot with a venom that is unreasonable. And here comes Marilyn galloping to the rescue and telling me, in a readable and understandable, as well as factual way about what’s going on in the Land of Odds, which we call Washington D.C. THANK YOU!! And please continue to pursue this vein. Inquiring minds really do want to know!!


    • I try not to get too angry over those toadies that spend their lives sucking up to Trump. I can’t deal with it when I’m furious. So I write how I FEEL about it. That’s not news writing because I’m not doing any kind of research. News writing is also research. It’s not just responding to what you read or see and I’m not sure most people realize that it’s not the same at all. When Garry was “on” a story, he dug for the truth. It could take him days of talking to his the people involved. And he knew a lot of people and the answers were often not what he wanted to hear. But he wrote it as it happened anyway.

      I don’t do that because I don’t have those connections and I’m not agile enough to do it anymore. Garry isn’t up to it anymore, either. When I was young and energetic — in my 30s — I could do it and did, but that was a lot of years ago.

      The past 18 years have really damaged me in more ways than I could count. The spine was early. That original damage was when I was a teenager and the original surgery was when I was 19. Once I recovered from the surgery, I had a baby … and 9-months later, went back to work full-time for the rest of my working life until I got too sick to continue. From then on, it was massive gastro surgery for ulcers that had literally eaten my stomach and a good piece of lower intestine … then another surgery to correct the errors made in the FIRST surgery … then a few years later cancer (two cancers), one in each breast (goodbye breasts) and then the mitral valve leak turned out to be a massive heart issue involving two valves, the whole left ventricle, one of my arteries needed bypassing and finally, the pacemaker. I have NOT needed surgery for the past 5 years, which may be some kind of record!

      One more of my vertebrae crumbled — the S1 is at the base of the spine and was not involved in the 1966 fusion, so the whole arthritic mess rests on a horribly damaged spine. And NO ONE will operate on it. It’s so badly damaged and has been operated on. The odds of a surgeon making it worse exceed the chances of fixing it. But I wonder if I’m going to be able to walk in another few years. My shrink says I am going to have to adjust my lifestyle. How much more adjusting can I do? I do almost nothing now. Am I goint to spend the remainder of my life sitting in a chair and watching the world roll by? I think I’m already doing it.

      I promise to let you know, either publicly or privately, depending on whether I think anyone else will want to hear about it. I try not to talk about this stuff much because it’s boring — even to ME it’s boring. No one wants to listen to someone complain about their physical issues. I don’t. But it turns out, there are a surprising number of people with similar issues hoping someone else will find an answer, so at least fo them, I will try to give them whatever I discover along the way.

      Frankly, I think the medical business is looking at this in exactly the wrong way. They keep looking at each little thing by itself without looking at our whole body. I can’t get an MRI because of the Pacemaker … so they can’t check for MS or the details in my spine — or even check my brain. I was told by the top valve (heart) guy in Boston that swapping out a Pacemaker is terribly dangerous and at any age, but much more at my age, it is just as likely to kill me.

      Gets a bit depressing, doesn’t it?


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