FOWC with Fandango — Skulk

This is one of those words that sounds like what it means. Skulking in the shadows in the darkened alleys of Gotham. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! The man in the black coat and fedora gum-shoeing after him. And somewhere, a cop, an FBI agent, and private-eye are lurking, waiting for the moment of truth if there is any such thing.

Reindeer, sleigh, snow guy, and a path.

It’s a great, cold day here on the Atlantic coast. A good day for skulking. Even the birds seem rather sinister. I think I’m too tired to feel sinister. And we have an evening event. At least the hearings are over and I can go back to having a permanent nervous breakdown.

All the buds … and notice in front the one red segment. That too will flower.

Does anyone believe we are already supposedly “in the holiday spirit?” I’m not sure what that means anymore. I think it’s mostly about taking my tree from last year, plugging it in and making it ready to do its annual job as “tree of the holidays.”

Personally, before the subject comes up (again), I don’t care whether you say Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Good Chanuka, Felice Navidad, or Happy Kwanza. Or just “Hi, how are you?”

I do not care! It’s the thought that counts … and a fat envelope full of greenbacks wouldn’t hurt either.

18 thoughts on “SKULKING IN THE SHADOWS — Marilyn Armstrong

  1. That’s a nice Cristmas Cactus Marilyn. I love the colour, How many years have you had it? I had one once and left it out on my balcony all summer and fall. Basically forgot about it. I figured I’d bring it in when the weather started turning cold. BEHOLD!! It bloomed like crazy! I can see a lot of buds coming. Should be full of blooms soon.


      • Yah I know. I used to manage a Floral Department for 11 years. The one I neglected was before I knew anything about them. I love them. They can survive for years! I live in Ontario. We’re getting really cold now. btw I have an Amaryllis Bulb I revived Nov 5th I think. Its pushing two blooms up now. Fat ones LOL The stems should start showing soon. I started this one from a boxed kit. It included all the things I needed.

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        • The secret to my success has always been benign neglect. Water them when they are DRY unless it’s one of the few plants that need more water — like ferns. I learned first from a friend and then I managed the American Garden Guild for Double Book Club and they explained that plants need oxygen, which they can find in moist or even nearly dry soil … and will grow roots in plain water. But mud is airless and most people whose plants always die are either overwatered (probably the bigger problem) — or don’t get the right light. It turns out, not every flower loves sun, at least not INDOOR plants. Outdoor plants are more typically sun-lovers.

          I’ve never tried amaryllis, but I don’t have great light. Just northeast, so I’m wary of plants that might really like sun!

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          • I like that, benign neglect. They used to accuse me of under watering the plants and I’d come back from a day off to drowning plants. They just wouldn’t listen to me, even when I showed them the results of over watering. I’d swear but someone else is reading this. I used to tell them you can’t suck out the water but you can add it. A holes…… I find most plants can acclimatize. I don’t have a lot of light in my apartment but the Amaryllis is happy. It turns to whatever light is available so turning it is important. Even my Kalanchoe is happy. Try an Amaryllis if you can find one. They’re fun to watch and have such beautiful blossoms.
            I used to ask my proverbial assistants if they’d like to stand in mud or water or even live in it. I still don’t think they understood LOL


            • People really DON’T believe you when you tell them to NOT WATER IT UNLESS IT IS VERY DRY. IT IS A CACTUS. CACTUS. THINK DESERT. I once came home from vacation and my plant waterer had watered every single plant as much as he could manage. Everything was floating and I think I lost about 1/3 of my plants. The others I managed to empty out as much water as I could and dig out the mud at the top, then add dry (and a bit sandy) earth. It was awful. Almost as bad as the guy who mixed kitty litter with the cat’s food. He thought it was vitamins.

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              • Marilyn. I don’t think people think when it comes down to the requirements of other living things. Even when you give them extreme examples. ie, I say : A cactus is full of water, its Juicy lol If you give it too much water it WILL ROT! Oh ,,lol Kitty Litter in the cat’s food?????? OMG! Marilyn, people just don’t think. That’s the gist of it. All they need to do it LOOK at things, see them. I’m getting preachy, sorry. You’re right though, some plants can recover from mistreatment. They always seem to have some life left in them. BUT you have to LOOK to see it…HAHA


        • Jen, I’m jealous! I – again – think I care too much for them. But I have a great love for Amaryllis. One I kept outside had too much rain and the bulb just fouled away. Another one, not very fancy, I try to revive! Wish me luck. No water for now…. 😉

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      • That explains a lot. Already I’m no huge fan of any sort of cacti. But I over-loved my Christmas cactus and after the first year it died on me. Not a bit loss but I understand that ‘too much’ sometimes is really ‘too much’…..

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