This is not the first major storm on the second day of December. There was a blizzard in Boston in December in the mid-1990s. The thing is, when we got significant early snow, it generally means that it’s going to be a rough winter. A snowy winter. Last year was, as we say around here, a piece of cake.

Not this year.

Oh how much I want to be wrong about this. And, you never know. We might have a month of fine weather after this. Even two months. It has happened. In terms of weather? If you live around here, EVERYTHING has happened and not just once.

The birds were really hungry today. There were flocks of them surrounding the feeders. I know the squirrels line up in the morning and I let them have the morning to feed, but by lunchtime, it’s time to let the rest of the wildlife have some food. If it were possible to actually reason with the feathery and furry crew, I’d explain that they could share. Squirrels on one feeder, birds on the other.


In fact, I have a picture — something you never see: a Chickadee and a squirrel together on one feeder. If a squirrel and a Chickadee can do it, why can’t our senators and congresspeople be equally reasonable?

20 thoughts on “BIRDS AND THE FIRST SNOW WITH ONE SQUIRREL — Marilyn Armstrong

    • Yes. We get more snow than Montreal and on a bad year, more snow than Maine, though they typically get at least 10 feet of snow every year. But our weather is erratic and every once in awhile, we don’t get snow at all … and that has always been true. Probably because of the winds from the nearby Atlantic ocean for any area 30 to 50 miles from the coast. Further inland is a different story.


    • We got The Rest of the Snow last night and this morning. I don’t think it has hit two feet, but it’s damned close. I hope we get cleared out soon. We’re going to run out of food … like … soon. And the deliveries and the medications are all somewhere else. Sigh. Winter, bah, humbug.

      Oops. We topped two feet by mid-morning yesterday. Winter is so miserable.

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        • Garry, at age 77, is in a state of pain. He will need some time before he does any more shoveling. I’m really beginning to hate winter. It was fun when I was younger. Now, it’s just fear of falling and being trapped in the house waiting for a plow (with a 200-foot slanted driveway, aka “The Bunny Slope,” it’s murder in the winter.

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          • Long winters is one reason I am slowly moving to the Cape – They do have snow storms, and I’ve been in a few blizzards there, but the amount of snow is no where near NH levels, and the salty air makes it melt quicker. Summers are cooler (I hate hot weather worse than cold since I can wear layers of wool in the winter), but spring there is awful.
            I’m sure Garry is in pain – I’m a little stiff after two days of shoveling about three hours each day….


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