I am not as nostalgic about the past as many people. I had a difficult and often unpleasant childhood. It’s hard to put aside the unhappy childhood memories to find happy ones. They get tangled up.

Maple along the Blackstone

It is in the autumn where good memories live on. That perpetual autumn I can sometimes smell in the air as October arrives. It is probably why I love this season. Fall signals the return to school and what passed for “normal” in my world.


I was a New Yorker. I’m sure it was cooler there 50 plus years ago than it is today. Especially in the fall.

And, I loved school. I know this was not a popular point of view in the kid world, but I loved it. Home kind of sucked.

Crunchy on the lawn by the river

School was better. Orderly. I had assignments. Things to learn. Teachers didn’t beat students and there were very few moments of sheer terror with which to cope. Unlike home at home.

In generating fear, schoolyard bullies were amateurs compared to my father.


The thing I remember best and most fondly were the sound of the leaves crunching under my squeaky new leather shoes. The shoes always gave me blisters, no matter what salesmen in stores told my mother about the perfect fit.

I don’t know why she believed them when they told her the shoes fit, but never believed me when I told her they hurt.

Colors by the Blackstone. Photo: Garry Armstrong

Fall seems to be shrinking and disappearing. It is the most saddening part of climate change in this region. To lose the season that always brought me joy is very sad and I hope we can bring it back.

At least we are still getting some of it. Not like we used to, but a week is better than nothing.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

13 thoughts on “DRY LEAVES THAT FALL BEFORE THE WINDS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. This post SO speaks to me. I LOVED school the more I could learn the better…I would have been a professional student if I could have.. And leaves crunching under your feet, heaven! The smell of autumn unlike any other. Thank you this was lovely indeed!


    1. Yes. For those of us who live in the northeast of this continent, Autumn is THE season. It’s comfortable weather and it is beautiful. I miss it. We haven’t had a good one in about 5 years. I can see the difference in my photographs.

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  2. Autumn is a beautiful season and I hope that we don’t lose it altogether. It had all but disappeared in South Australia when I left. Admittedly even before climate change became so obvious most parts of Adelaide did not get a lot of autumn colour. We have lovely flowering trees and shrubs but the natives are not usually deciduous. As I am from England I did miss the leaves changing colour and collecting acorns, watching the sycamore leaves whirl around as they fell and those spiky horse chestnuts that kids would split and use the nuts for playing conkers. The Adelaide hills were where I could still enjoy those things but it’s years since I’ve been there so I don’t know if that is still the case.

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