Just as I feel the birds need feeding — because when the weather is like this, they starve and freeze pretty fast — I know squirrels need to feed too. I’m doing a pretty good job at letting the squirrels eat all morning and the birds eat in the afternoon.

Maybe they’ll get used to the routine and start to cope without human intervention?

Up to the rail having jumped from the tree

A quick taste?

A few more seeds


Dinner is better eaten upside down!

19 thoughts on “SQUIRREL ON A COLD, SNOWY DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I finally worked out a squirrel/bird feeding system that let everyone eat. I have feeders with squirrel baffles and those the birds use. I also have a feeder with no baffle so now the squirrels just go to the one that has no baffle. It seems to be working and makes my trips to the feeders less frequent and my squirrels happy.

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    • I thought of that, but the location of the feeders makes that almost impossible.

      I’ll scan it again. Maybe I’ll come up with a new plan.

      The problem is that the two feeders hang from a post on the deck where once upon a time, we hung flowers. It’s not a big deck, just 12X12 feet. AND Garry and I are quite short, so the feeders are low enough so that we can reach them. The squirrels can just stand on their hind legs and reach the feeder, or just as easily drop off an overhead branch and land ON the feeder.


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