A TINY CHURCH – Marilyn Armstrong

It’s a tiny church hidden behind houses in Amherst. If you don’t know to look, you would never find it. About the size of my living room and dining room combined, the cross on top is a bit crooked. Such a small church, such a long history.

The Goodwin Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a historic church on Woodside Avenue in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The church, built in 1910, is located down a narrow lane in the otherwise residential neighborhood. It is about 25 feet by 50 feet, styled in the Craftsman style popular at the time of its construction. It remains essentially the same since being built.

The church is named for Moses Goodwin, a local resident and parishioner. It was the second building for the African-American congregation that occupies it. The first — built in 1869 on a nearby lot — was demolished in 1917. It continues to be a social and religious center for Amherst’s African-American community.

Zion Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

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  1. The church I attend is called The Little Brown Church. It is 80 years old,open day and night,and seats about 60 people. It’s run by the Apostles of Christ and welcomes people of all faiths. I attend it at 8 am on Sunday mornings, and we usually have a small congregation, about 30 0r 40 people. We have a great pastor who gives sermons filled with wit and wisdom, and we laugh a lot. It’s a loving atmosphere, and many of the people are in show business.Ronald Reagan was married there, and some celebrities still go there for their weddings. It’s a charming little church and only a mile away from me. It and my house are the same age.


    • I love these little churches. They have all the charm that the big ones lack. And there’s something about them that is warm and welcoming. I don’t think it’s just the architecture.


  2. Nice bit of local history there Marilyn.


  3. This is a lovely quaint little church, Marilyn. Thanks for sharing a bit of its history.


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