I took a lot of pictures and each day Marilyn processes a few. Then I post them. This is mostly Aldrich Street, down the road from the house — and then, our house. With bushels of snow.

Down by the bar at the end of the road

As Aldrich breaks off from Route 146A

A bench on the Common with snow

Our 1928 Fordson tractor

Looking for work?

Home sweet home with our mailbox and our across the street neighbor’s mailbox

Oh, look! Mail!

Home. With snow.

We’re expected warm weather, rain, very cold weather, a bit of snow, a bit of sleet, more warm weather. These days, a forecast is everything you can think of that isn’t summer in one ten minute narration on television.

And if you wait until the end of the news, they will have revised it. Completely. Isn’t it great that there’s no such thing as climate change?

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  1. I read this article about NASA yesterday….I even posted it because well, it was “interesting” and they said they’d watched (some guy) had watched and correlated climate change with the earth’s changing its axial position. I got interesting feedback. Wished I could find it and send it…good for a laugh…not saying it couldn’t be partially responsible but well…by the way, is this recent? snow?

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    • VERY recent snow. Time for it to leave.


    • Last week.More on the way, currently in the middle of the country, but it’ll get here.


      • You get so much snow. I haven’t seen that kind of snow since moving to the island, although we got dumped on the last two years.. Skiing came early and this year, they are scared, no snow, no skiing…. Grew up in the Okanagan where we got winter…lots of it.


        • We get a LOT of snow here. Some years, more than 10 feet. Other years — like last year — almost nothing. We haven’t had a really bad one since 2015. There has been snow, but nothing record-breaking. I have feeling this is going to be a heavy snowfall year.


          • So far, it’s looking like a record breaking no snowfall year for us although time will tell, it’s been 30 years since I lived here. Then we used to get skiffs of snow most of the time although I lived in Parksville which is 1/2 hour from here and the most evenly climactic place in BC therefore relatively calm summer and winter. Having said that, they’ve already had record breaking snow which is north of us, and south of us did too, just not us lol.


  2. Wee bit too much winter in my estimation, Garry. I could do with a bit more warming.


  3. I keep hoping that we will get some white stuff falling from the sky. Right now the trees are half bare and and the yards are completely littered with leaves. I love the crunch. I know we are way behind your fall, but at least we had one this year! Now for winter!!


  4. All I can say is brave Garry going out in the snow, with our without a car and thanks for the photos. I prefer to watch it all from the window. I am dreading the first snow, although going out in the afternoon means at least the roads are clear, unless it snows during the day.


  5. It was below zero this morning and will be 60 on Tuesday – crazy….


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