Because most of us are rational, we not only loathe the guy running our government. We also really want to know how he became such a terrible person.

Everyone knows people — some of us are those people — who grew up in an abusive home. Desperate poverty. Rich and privileged, lower, middle, or undefined class. One of many children. An only child. Male. Female. Other.

By: Dreamicus

Most of us turned out okay or at least human. Even those who have (had) (still have) a lot of issues were never completely loathsome. All of us had a few good points. Someone thought we were okay.

But then, there’s Donald J. Trump.

So I thought I’d run a little survey.

His father was a pretty ugly guy in his own right. A racist slumlord. He obviously passed his beliefs to his kid. But other people have rotten parents and they don’t grow up just like them. Rich and poor, children can grow into decent people, no matter how they began.

What made the difference? If it wasn’t a contract with the devil? Is he one of the ones who went to the crossroads to sign a contract? A television renewal failure?

What happened to turn a rich asshole into the pit of evil?

16 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUNG DONNIE? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Growing up in a bubble of wealth and privilege. An echo chamber where the incurious just take what they’re given as “knowledge” and run with it (because, honestly, would dad ever lie? Sounds like Mel Gibson’s rationale for his antisemitic drunk rant years ago) And because the bubble just reinforces their worldview, they know nothing and no-one outside the bubble and don’t want to, either.

    With his disdain and cluelessness about the working class (considering he admitted “the American Dream is dead”, it seems weird that he still doesn’t get what Americans at the bottom need), he reminds me a little of the Copelands. The whole family is in their prosperity gospel bubble, with their megachurches, estates, oil wells, etc. They can’t grasp the difficulties of the people who they insist need God the most. (Ken yelling “We live in a trillion dollar economy and you’re broke?!” into the camera at his posh estate with Gloria right there, scoffing, “and you’re a child of God?” Makes me want to punch them every time I see it).

    Somebody needs to pop these bubbles as soon as they go up, because they’re not helping anyone, least of all the dolts stuck in them.

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    • They DO live in a different world. Does anyone believe Trump has EVER gone to a grocery store or picked up his own dry-cleaning? Or, for that matter, or cleaned a toilet! (Fifteen flushes? Doesn’t he even flush his own potty?)

      The rich really ARE different and one of the most interesting things about Ethel Kennedy (special on PBS) was that she worked extremely hard to keep her kids grounded and involved. Rarely is that how those parents behave.

      The occasional contact I’ve had with “those people” has given me a strong distaste for them and their world.

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