It was a cold night. Not just wintry cold, but a deep, damp, clammy cold that climbed into your joints and made everything hurt. A light fog covered the ground yet it shed no light.

If you squinted, you could see two hulking bodies approaching the junction, each coming down a different path.  No need for the complexities of physics. It was obvious they would meet in the middle of the intersection. There were barely any shadows. Surely the stars were glittering in the heavens, but none were visible.

“You called me and I came,” said the taller of the two.

“Have you brought the papers?” asked the bloated one.

“Indeed I have,” responded Old Scratch. “Please look them over and make sure everything is in order.”

“No need,” said the other. “I got your email. My lawyer says it’s exactly what I asked for.”

Path in the woods

The tall one with the twisted features of a demon smiled. “Then I guess we can move forward. Remember, please that only those items written in the contract are yours. Other events not in the contract can occur. For such unrelated events, I bear no responsibility, either causally or to protect you.

“I thought I should also mention that we have a bonus for you. For each individual you bring to the crossroad to sign a contract, your power will increase.”

The bloated one snickered. “I already have a list,” he said. “It’s quite long and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. Most are ready to sign. By the way, do you happen to have a pen?”

The demon opened his hand. In his hand was a softly glowing pen that was intensely black yet appeared to have an inner light. Instead of a standard tip, it had a thick marking nib. “I assume this meets with your approval?”

“Nice pen,” said the other. “Can I keep it? It has a certain … something.”

“Absolutely,” said Scratch “I made it just for you.”

The other took the pen and placed his signature on the dotted line.

Demon-face smiled, then laughed. “We are done,” he said and. With a brief flash of red, he vanished. Only the dark night remained. The glowing pen lay on the asphalt.

The deed was done. The other picked up the pen and put it carefully in his jacket pocket. He began a long, slow walk back to his limousine as a light rain began to fall. The world would belong to him.

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  1. Blimey, you DO come up with some strange, weird and sometimes wonderful thoughts and ideas!!!!


  2. Yes, no doubt the bloated on has a long list of those willing to sign. Many of them are in Congress and have an “(R)” in front of their names.


  3. I know who the bloated one IS. I remain hopeful that some brave soul shoots that bastard in the head and rids us of an unholy (obviously) plague. Else we are doomed. One thing I do know is to avoid strangers with red eyes that promise one everything in return for their soul. The red eyed shifty looking one is evil. And his partner? Mr. Bloaty-pants? Is trying to rule the world as he’s ruling us right now. I pay HIM no homage nor respect. If this were far earlier in history, I’d not recognize that pile of adipose as MY liege. I #NOTMYPRESIDENT every chance I get.


  4. That was delightfully spooky and completely involving. Interestingly in an interview, both Depp and Katy Perry said they’d done just that. Katy Perry was very precise saying “she hadn’t made it in Hollywood so far and this was the only way and Depp mentioned it on The Johnny Carson show. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I guess it’s possible.


    • I may be dubious about God, but I’m sure the pawprints of his dark minions are all over the world. What else could explain it? It’s the perfect piece to watch the impeachment hearings, don’t you think? Maybe we don’t need an impeachment. We need an exorcism.


  5. I noticed that you can sell your sister’s soul for a price? I’d better watch out for my brother.

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  6. spooky, then along came a spider who did them all in cause they forgot to get their shots from the doctor, the alien spider having no record on the planet, they could find no cure, so in the MBA book for demons, they inserted the word maybe, which pissed off everyone, as the truth bug got hold of them all….happy christmas


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