WHISPERS IN YOUR EAR – Marilyn Armstrong

The day before the earthquake hit San Francisco in 1989, I decided I needed to go home a day early. I wasn’t feeling well (I actually had the flu, but didn’t yet know it) and most of my work was done for the moment.

It was like a little whisper in my ear telling me it was time to leave.

Had I not left, I’d have been one of the many crushed cars on the road between San Francisco and Oakland.

My boss in 2001 was supposed to fly to Los Angeles on September 11th. For some reason, a little whisper in his ear said “Cancel the trip. Go another day.”

The plane on which he had been booked crashed into one of the towers in New York.

There are all those little whispers out of nowhere. They tell us what to do. They tell us what to avoid. Listen to the whispers.

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  1. Those voices in our heads don’t always require medication… we were on that flyover the day before in a traffic jam for two hours..we decided to leave town and to a day early to tour the Napa Valley… and my friend was due to give a training presentation in the twin towers that morning but was called to say some of the participants had been delayed and to postpone for a couple of hours.. We need to appreciate the role of fate in our lives as you say.. x


  2. Someone was looking out for you Marilyn.


    • I remember the next day, I was at Garry’s and we tuned in the World Series and they were doing the intro. It was the Giants Stadium and suddenly, the picture began to break up. “I think we’re having an earth …” and then, it went to black. The next picture was the break in the Bay Bridge which I’d gotten to know very well since I’d had to cross it twice each day for the past two weeks. It was a very strange evening. That was also when CNN became a real news station.

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  3. Promotings of fate.


  4. I’ve never heard any little whispers, but so far the silence hasn’t proved to be fatal to me. So far, anyway.


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