Now that it has snowed, the mud that had almost become solid has turned back into gummy mud. With the best will in the world, this house will never be entirely clean. Too many dogs. Too many trees. Too many people. Dog hair, dust, and dead oak leaves — the triple D of home ownership.

Live in the country — both inside and out!

On their way

Always, the trees


Home again, from the road

There is more snow coming tomorrow unless it’s rain or unless instead of getting cold, it gets warm … or unless the winds change and everything blows northward. But something’s going to happen, whatever it may be!

21 thoughts on “ABOUT THOSE DOGS AND TREES – Garry Armstrong

    • I love that illustrated look. I use it as often as I can and still be a photographer. At a certain point, you become more of an “artographer,” where the photography is just the basis of the illustration. I used to do a lot of it, but many people were uncomfortable with it. They weren’t sure what it was. I think now — about 10 years later so people may be more accepting. Times have been a lot of changes, especially in photographic techniques. There are lots of filters for graphics, impressionistic, abstraction, pen & ink, pencil, painting, and many other things. You can create double images, add fog, put stars in the heaves, completely alter colors. I think it’s really neat and usually I add at least one arty shot to every batch.


  1. It’s cold here today and there’s a dusting of snow. It’s suppose to warm up tomorrow so the nasty, dusty, white stuff will probably disappear only to return the next day.

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    • Leslie, Just cold today with no precipitation. Didn’t have to clean off jeep which is now covered on top and front window with tarp like attachments. Driveway plowed, front (Dogs territory) and back walks shovelled. Cleaning front walk which has “dog residue” a problem after recent heavy rain which left everything looking like rice paddies. The freeze made cleaning a bit easier. Just chip the stuff into pieces and cart away. I take my victories where I can find rhem these days.

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    • Life, an unexpected “early” gift from the LOVELY Marilyn, It’s her tiny Leica which makes me Jimmy Olsen – on the job. I love it.


    • It’s just very detailed. I don’t like using that much detailing, but especially in snow, it’s the only way to get details to show up — in this case, Gibbs’ face. He’s black, the snow is white, and finding a face on Gibbs is a serious photographic challenge. So I just kept filtering until FINALLY I could see a face. Otherwise, he’s just a black blob against the snow.


        • It’s why I spend SO much time processing pictures. I really liked the picture, but black against white is a big problem in photography — both moving pictures and stills. You can make it work with lights and reflective umbrellas, but this was a snapshot taken while they were on the run, so I had to work with what I had. I was surprised it came out as well as it did. I was just about ready to throw in the towel. I had worked on it for hours, then started over again at least three times, but I’m so stubborn — I just had to give it another try. And this time, finally, it worked. I’m really glad you like it. I have mixed feelings about it, but it was the best I could do. If I get a new tool, I might try a redo on it 😀


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