Fandango’s Provocative Question #52

The question?

Given the realities of who we are and what we need, I think this is a pretty good life. I might wish for gentler weather and a bit more money, but overall? I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to live in a place where most people are on the same side I am on. Where getting around (unless there’s a lot of snow) is pretty easy. No traffic jams. No parking meters.

Life is simple, peaceful, and sometimes, joyous.

Short of suddenly becoming physically young (that would be quite a trick!), this is “the good life.” For us. Maybe it wouldn’t be for you, but it works for us. We live “the good life,” but slowly.

23 thoughts on “LIVING THE GOOD LIFE. SLOWLY. Marilyn Armstrong

  1. You’re entirely ‘trendy’ – we talk Slow Food, Slow Life, Slow Travel….. you do the Slow Good Life! Bravo. It’s great to be happy and content with one’s life, as it is.


  2. “Living the good life – slowly” is (to me) SAVORING the good life. You appreciate what you do have, so I suspect your life IS truly good. Plus all that beautiful nature all around. I’d find it comforting and peaceful. How lovely for both of you! ❤


  3. So I’m still having problems seeing your photos when I read your posts. And it’s only on your blog that it happens. When I click on the area where your photos are supposed to be, which show up as a blank box on my screen, here’s what I see:


    • I think YOU have a virus. When you click show details, you get an anonymous address. From whom does this come? What organization? Before you keep communicating, please make sure what’s going on in your telephone. Because NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS PROBLEM, so the problem starts with YOU. Also: THAT IS NOT MY ADDRESS. If you type it in, something that is NOT WORDPRESS appears. YOU HAVE A VIRUS. Please deal with it before you spread it around!

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      • I’m not blaming you or your blog, but for whatever reason, it’s happening only on your blog. I think if I had a virus on my iPhone, it would be happening on other blog posts I open up. It might have something to do with my WiFi security settings, because if I switch from WiFi to cellular, your pictures do load on my phone. I’ll look I to it, but I’m sure it’s not a virus on my phone.

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        • That is NOT my email address. Type it into any engine: it will give you something which has NOTHING to do with WordPress or me. If it hasn’t hit anyone else, okay. But that doesn’t mean it won’t. I have not had any problems with other blogs, so I don’t know what to tell you. But the message has NO address and that is always a warning that something is wrong.

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          • Hey Marilyn, relax. I know that’s not your blog’s address. I know it not you and it’s not WordPress. I also know that it’s not my iPhone because I went to on my laptop and had the same issue. I also used my wife’s Pixel phone and got the same result. It must have something to do with my WiFi settings, because it doesn’t happen when I access your blog using cellular rather than WiFi. So I don’t know why it’s happening, but I do know that it’s not a virus on my phone or my computer and I’m not blaming you. The only reason I mentioned it was because it’s weird and it seems to only happen when I access your blog. I’m sorry I brought it up.

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            • It might be your new OS. The most recent one has been giving a lot of people a lot of problems. I don’t use my Mac very much, so I probably wouldn’t notice, but everything has been updating — Win10, Mac, AND Android … and they aren’t working well together.

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        • Fandango, a great question for this time of our lives.

          I’m breathing and walking on my own. At age 77, I try not to whine too much. I know the alternative.

          Plus, last night I watched “The Shootist” again. Duke Wayne’s last film, fraught with emphasis on meeting your maker on your own terms. An antagonist Duke couldn’t shoot it out with. He was 72.

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