VIBRANT COLORS — BIRD STYLE! – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:
Vibrant Colors

It was a brilliant day for the birds today. The most brilliantly colored of the birds is the cardinal, and for once, I got a lot of pictures of both male and female cardinals — and a few other birds 😀


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  1. Oh what a terrific gallery of vibrant colors for this week. Thanks Marilyn 😀


  2. Lovely, vibrant colours there Marilyn.


  3. You find me insanely jealous of the birds’ riches in your neck of the wood – although I wouldn’t and couldn’t live like that, too remote, but the beauty of it all – I gobbled it up like a 5 course Christmas meal (or such) with my eyes. Thank You.


    • My best friend considers us as living too remotely. Most people do. I wouldn’t mind a museum or even a good coffee shop or place where they play music … but I love the peace and quiet. I guess you make trades in life. To get peace and quiet, you give up the richness of city life. You can’t have both.

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  4. Nothing better than nature for vibrant colors!


  5. Nice to enjoy all the bright color!


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