Staring me down

It didn’t snow last night, or at least I don’t think it did. I slept late this morning. The bed was warm and I was so comfortable. By the time I got up, it was really lunchtime. If any new snow had fallen, I couldn’t see it.

Pretty sure it’s a Carolina Wren, but it might be a chipping sparrow. I get the two of them confused. They probably get me confused with all OTHER humans.

My Lady Cardinal

Watching our Cardinal get fat makes me happy. They used to get so thin in the winter.

In the tree, watching me watching him

Pretty sure this one is a Hairy Woodpecker because he is much bigger than the Downy

I thought about taking more pictures, but I’ve got so many that still need processing, I thought I’d give myself a break.

Another Downy Woodpecker

We are growing some really huge Tufted Titmice!

A well-rounded Cardinal

Gray Junco

What’s over there?

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