A better way for Bloomberg and Steyer to spend all that cash

This is a really GOOD idea! They should do it!


The Republicans are in full hypocrisy mode. Their entire argument against impeachment is “The Democrats are being mean because they just don’t like President Trump.”

They have attempted to hijack the narrative with their histrionics about the unfairness of the process and how Donald Trump did nothing wrong in requesting a foreign country to conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden for his sweetheart deal with a Ukrainian gas company — because we certainly can’t trust the FBI or Interpol, right?

I won’t get into the weeds of the impeachment procedures since there are no weeds. Trump did it, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Trump did it, career civil servants said he did it, and Trump himself said he did it. Republicans aren’t saying he didn’t do it, just that it wasn’t a crime and they yell, scream and sound like a choir of square dance callers and livestock…

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