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UPS is very slow delivering this year, so all the birdseed I have left is black-oil Sunflower seeds. It’s healthier to mix them, but the other two bags of seed haven’t arrived. They are weeks late. Just one seed isn’t the best I can do, but at least it is food and they like it.

I think it’s two birds having a little tiff. Hard to tell but that’s my best guess.

Owen shortened up the feeders today. The wind has been pretty strong and the feeders were blowing around like mad. He was afraid they would just blow right off the hooks — which they have done before.



He’ll have to feed the birds until he puts the long hooks back because neither Garry nor I can reach the feeders at that height.

Goldfinch and a bird in flight Probably a Titmouse (going by feather color).

Cardinal in the snowy branches

These are interesting pictures with birds in flight and in one of them, at least two birds mixing it up in the air. I think they are Titmice, but it’s hard to tell just a swoosh of feathers.

Goldfinch and Chickadee


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  1. Oh my! That cardinal photo is fab-u-lous!


  2. That is one lovely photo of that cardinal.


  3. We have finches, but I have never seen a goldfinch here. That would really be something interesting.


    • (To Leslie) – You SHOULD see those American goldfinches because they breed in your area in November (very late breeders) with most egg-laying in mid-November. When the nestlings can fly, they come down here for the rest of the winter. So you should see them in flocks in the fall. It does help to have trees — around feeders. They aren’t shy and you can often see them in groups of six or more at a time. Also, when they are up your way, they are in breeding plumage, so they are very bright yellow.

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    • There are European Goldfinched who are very similar to our — same size, similar color, similar wing design. I don’t know if they live in Switzerland. You’d have to look them up because my books are all North American. I do know they exist.

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