Christmas Cactus – FOTD – 12/18/19

The bloom had fallen off the cactus, but then, it was back again. The pink cactus has a lot of new buds. The red one has more. I’m still waiting to see a sign of buds on the orchids. I know they are slow, but this is really super slow!

9 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CACTUS GALLERY – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I got both of these as cuttings from a friend. We don’t have greenhouses or nurseries out here. We used to, but there wasn’t enough traffic and one by one, they have closed. You can get plants at places like the grocery store and our local places like Koopman. The stuff you buy in the groceries and other places do not have the best quality plants. They are also surprisingly expensive. They aren’t healthy and all the good plants I’ve gotten were gifts or cutting from other people.

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  1. I got a wonderful christmas cactus, full of buds. Did they open? Not one single one did. they all dropped off, but I still have the remains which look quite healthy. I tried everything starving it of water was the first step. that did not work. It is in a nice place and not draughty or strong light. I give up and just now treat it with instinct. I used to have such success. I have two wonderful poinisettia which have not lost a leaf for a month and my amaryllis is really a success, but the Christmas cactus just does not want to. However, I will not give up. In the meanwhile I can watch yours go from good, better to best.

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    • So much depends on how healthy the plant was when you got it. A lot of plants you get that are full of buds do exactly that. The buds just dry up and fall off. When I buy plants, I look for very young healthy growth. Not stuff with buds and flowers, but with the potential for it. That doesn’t always work, either. A lot of plants are raised in nurseries where growth is “forced” by over-fertilizing them, giving them too much light for too many hours of the day. So they look gorgeous when you get them,, but they aren’t healthy. They don’t have strong roots. They aren’t healthy. I suspect you don’t have good greenhouses and nurseries either. Small towns rarely do. But that’s a lot of the problem. We buy pretty plants that aren’t healthy and they die … or nearly die … fast.

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