BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! – Marilyn Armstrong

Following the snow came the arctic blast from somewhere in the northwest. The sun was out when I got up, so it was a beautiful gleaming woods. The birds, for a change, had control of the feeders … but sneak squirrels had a takeover in mind.

Frozen woods

Ice everywhere

The birds didn’t feel like giving up the feeders and they flew around him until he went to a nearby tree to hang out for a while. Not for very long, though. A determined squirrel is not easily deterred.

Up a tree, thinking about seeds

Getting ready for another assault on the feeder

It’s really COLD out here! Where are those seeds?

Hunger no more! I’m home at last.

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12 replies

  1. Beautiful photos! You get your broiler fixed?


  2. We just had a Chinook – warm winds from the Coast. We’ve had a least 4 this year. Makes the Winters palatable. I lived on the East Coast for 3 years so I KNOW what you endure down there. Hoping you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!


  3. The same weather here.
    Look at that squirrel feeder swing.


  4. The Squirrels were already chowing down when I got up BEFORE dawn’s first light to deal with the dogs..

    I had to open the back door and threaten the squirrels–who were not impressed–until I YELLED at them. Then, they slowly, very slowly backed away from the bird feeders. Finally, they disappeared, just out of sight as I stared them down.
    I’m sure they came right back after I left the kitchen.


  5. there my seeds, I can see competition heating up around the feeder Marilyn, have a great weekend


    • I think they all watch the windows and when we are gone they are instantly back. I don’t bother to roust them in the early part of the morning, but by lunchtime, they’ve had many hours of feeding, so I figure it’s okay to move them along.


  6. It really is amazing how the squirrels get into the feeders.


  7. Good photos. I havn’t seen any ice or frost for at least a year.


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