7 thoughts on “MONOCHROME: WHEN IT’S ALL ONE COLOR – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. “Monochrome” kind of a funny word? When I was a kid I thought that everything was in black and white, at least up until the 1950s, when suddenly it all went to color. Most of the movies, and all of the TV shows were in B&W.., and so was the rest of the world to me. B&W in photography was perfectly normal as that was how things were. Of course I saw things, around me, in color, in the 40s, but I think I converted them in my head and can’t remember, any of the them. To me, Monochrome, says one color but we all know that’s not really the case. It’s the hues and shading range that makes it mostly based on a single color, and sub versions.., and it could be any color too. Color is still distracting to me.., I liked living in a B&W world. I continually prefer to watch old B&W movies.., especially “noir.” Go figure?


  2. Color is great and can be unbelievable when done right.., but it’s also a distraction. Since buying a digital camera that will do black & white almost as good as the old B&W film, I have been shooting more in that way and loving it.


    • I have more, but they’ve made it very hard to find older photos. Their limit seems to be two years, so earlier than that, I have to dig around and figure out what time of year I took them then try various months and see if I found it.

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