COUNT THE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

The windows through which I shoot bird pictures had gotten dusty. Owen went out to clean them for me. All the birds around the deck and on the feeders flew up and into the trees. Owen said it sounded like something from “The Birds.” I wasn’t outside, but I was watching from the window in the kitchen. I watched this flock take off — maybe 100 birds  — many of them doves, took off.

Chipping Sparrow

When they settled down, I realized there were birds on pretty much every branch in the woods. I couldn’t tell you which birds were which — my eyes aren’t that good — but you could see their outlines against the fading sky.

A little downy woodpecker. He’s still a baby!

We have a lot of birds of every kind you might expect in this part of the world. We may be facing serious climactic change, but so far, at least we still have birds. So far, so good.

Birds in our bushes … er, feeders

The weather has been very up and down. Two days of extremely cold weather, followed by a few days in the mid-60s. That’s 17 or 18 C for those who aren’t good converters. I finally gave in and put the tick and flea collars back on all three of them. The bugs aren’t dying like they used to. The moment it warms up, the ticks and fleas appear like magic. It’s going to be a very buggy year.


I didn’t take any picture or at least, any new ones. I still have a lot of pictures I’ve taken over the past week or two. And there was a lot of cooking getting done. And baking. There’s at least one more big meal coming out of that lamb — my joyful lamb curry.

Downy Woodpecker

I’m taking the rest of the season, such as it is, off. I’ve been looking for a good time to take a few days off and this seems a better time than most. So I’ll be back after the year turns. Let’s hope this one is better than the last few.

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  1. When i was a kid I figured that the I understood Birdwatching would be the day that proved I was old. I’ve been old for quite a while.

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  2. Happy New Year Marilyn and Garry.
    Leslie & Peter

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    • Leslie, the very same to you and Peter. Here’s to good health, cheer and SANITY. Much love, Garry, Marilyn…….Bonnie, Gibbs & The Duke.

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      • Sanity …like that Garry, thank you.

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      • Leslie, what Marilyn said.
        I may dedicate a throne room vocal performance to you.

        -All The Things You Are
        -Leslie, With The Laughing Eyes
        -For All We Know
        -When You Wore A Tulip
        -I’ll Be Seeing You
        -You Make Me Feel So Young
        -Mona Lisa

        Leslie, so many choices. depends which voice is working for me. Sinatra, Cole, Como, Bennett. A Happy New Year treat to one of my favorite people.

        Here’s looking at, you,Kid.

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  3. Love everything in this post. And I agree with you on hoping for a better New Year….

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  4. You have a wonderful variety of birds. Since my shopping stress and last few months of going here ad here as the official chauffeur I now have some me time at last. It is good to be able to do my own thing without having to put everone else first. So in that case, see you next year

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    • Thanks, Mrs. Swiss.
      Our birds, squirrels, dogs and other local creatures, great and small — join us in wishing you and Marcel — A very Happy New Year. ENJOY!

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  5. Enjoy the break. See you in the new year.

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  6. Happy New Year, Marilyn. Assuming I survive my ear surgery on the 30th, I’ll “see” you next year.

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    • Fandango, from one hearing impaired survivor — BEST of luck on the surgery and hope you’ll be ‘hearing’ us better when we turn the page on 2019 with hopes we’ll have no replays on the low lights of the 12 months past. Fandango, ALL THE BEST and, oh yes, HAPPY NEW EAR. (Do let us know how the surgery goes. What?)

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    • Will you be able to hear immediately or will you be bandaged to silence? Garry had a whole month of bandaged silence before he started to hear. They assured him he would hear, but until he did, he just worried.

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      • Yes, I was very worried. But still so thrilled and grateful to really HEAR for the first time in my life. However, about our BARKING dogs….


      • I’m bandaged, but hopefully it won’t be a month before they come off. Unfortunately the cholesteatoma ate one of the bones in my middle ear and I’m going to need another surgery before I’ll be able to hear out of that ear, so while the mass has been removed, the problem persists.


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