Second square, the last light of Autumn sunset

And so another year has begun. Another decade. The last one was insane. I wonder how bad or great the next ten years will be. I’m torn between a faint hope that things have to get better and a sickening fear that it will never get better. Ever again. That the days we remember are gone and won’t come back.

But until I see it getting worse, I’m going to pretend that it’s about to improve. Because I need hope. Don’t we all?

From the rear of the teepee, the day is ending in mid-Autumn.

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  1. There has to be hope, I agree.

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  2. And such a great picture to encourage us to be hopeful ☺️

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    • PS the pingback didn’t work unfortunately but I’ll add it manually now via a comment on today’s post

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      • None of my pingbacks show up on your site, but I always check and I get the bounce, so the link is there — but WP is pretty goofy these days. Unlike the rest of the time when it’s so simple and easy to use.

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        • They do usually appear Marilyn after they’ve been approved but today the WordPress gremlins definitely had been causing problems. Anyhow I’ve added the link myself so all is well ☺️


        • Marilyn, I am with you on this one. Given the “crazier than Mel Brooks/Zucker Brothers/Marx Brothers” past 3 years, what do we anticipate….as we go where no PERSON has ever gone before?

          Even crazier? There’s an unlimited ceiling now on those perilously fatal whacko bully tweets from Gen. Bone-Spurs, Cmdr 1 of the Space Force.

          I’ll steal another one from perhaps our favorite film (and original source)

          Att: Oval Office/CTA (Central Tweets Agency).

          –“He who troubleth his own house….shall Inherit The Wind….”


    • That was the second or third year of my teepee and it was a hopeful time. The teepee made me feel hopeful. Being in it in the winter with fire blazing and snow falling was amazing. It was the most peaceful place i ever spent time.


  3. I hate to be a doomsayer, but I think what happened at the Baghdad Airport tonight is going to cause things to get much worse very quickly. I hope I’m wrong.

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    • I will maintain my positive mood for as long as I can. I just need a break from the madness. But you are right. It’s going to get even more ugly. What a surprise!

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    • Fandango, I hate to say this–but I agree with you. At least my gut does. My “newsie” gut is rarely wrong about these things. Like you, I also hope my gut and I are wrong. Bad gut! Calm down!!

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  4. We do indeed marilyn! Hope keeps us going! ❤

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