COMING HOME SUNSET #3 – Marilyn Armstrong


It was just an ordinary day, driving home.

“Pull over!” I said.


“Pull over! The sun is about to do something really spectacular and I have a camera!”

Sometimes, if you are in the right place at the right time and just happen to have a camera, some amazing pictures show up. This was our own street, too. We weren’t on vacation and I wasn’t looking for pictures, but I always have a camera. This is why.

Coming home … about 300 yards down the road from the house. Facing due west.

24 thoughts on “COMING HOME SUNSET #3 – Marilyn Armstrong

    • It was the first sunshine we’ve had in the evening in weeks. It was snowing in the morning. Just slowly falling flakes that melted when they hit the ground, so I was delighted that it finally brightened up.


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  2. Spectacular image! Yes, you are right. You should always carry your camera with you because you never know when that striking image will present itself. Just like with writing, when you have an idea, you better write it down. Great post!


    • I always think I’m going to remember that idea — but I NEVER remember unless I write it down. And since I’m not hot for smartphones — I much prefer cameras — I’ve been carrying at the least a small, quality telephoto with me wherever I go. Some of my best photo moments were taken with those cameras.

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  3. Nice shot, Marilyn. As you know, we should always have at least one camera with us at all times. I’ve been known to stop dead in traffic to take a photo, too. Unfortunately, I missed a spectacular sunrise the other morning when I took Cody out – by the time I managed to “run” back in to grab a camera, the sun had moved and the sky wasn’t that beautiful red/orange any more.


    • I carry one in my bag. Since I gave Garry my Leica, I’m trying to get used to the Panasonic. It’s not as sharp, but it has a longer lens (which is good). I think I need to get used to it. I do miss the Leica. It was small, and was so easy to use.

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    • HUGE advantage. It is hard to just pull over. though. We have a lot of quick-mud along roads and while you won’t get fully sucked into it, getting your car OUT can require a tow truck. We live in a very wet valley.

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