I don’t suppose anyone is surprised anymore by the behavior of the GOP under their Manchurian candidate. But just a few years ago it was unthinkable that a politician, particularly one representing the Republican party and who skipped out of serving by having a rich dad, could get away with trashing war heroes, pardoning convicted war criminals, ridiculing our intelligence services and our allies, and sucking up to our most long-standing and authoritarian enemies, but here we are. Thanks, Facebook. (And Fox News Propaganda Channel.)

Without the Electoral College, these cowards and their Führer would be out on their asses in the next election but since Zuckerberg doesn’t mind politicians openly lying on Facebook and using FB’s sophisticated algorithms to know exactly which “patriots” are most like to fall for their predictable, transparent lies, they have an excellent chance of sneaking into the back door again.

Oh well. Human history has always been a cycle of dumpster fires and accidental peace. It’s long been a planet dominated by mutant apes, it’s just that sometimes we manage to hide it a little bit better than we are now. Like a bad head cold, we humans will be on our way soon enough and the earth can relax again.

If you are not already a Bizarro fan, you’re missing one of the best cartoonists of our generation. I have loved his stuff since we lived in Boston, back in the 1980s. This post is located at:


The main site is:


He has a shop full of cool t-shirts and other stuff as well as his own paintings. And, he takes donations because, as he so well put it, there aren’t enough newspapers anymore to support a cartoonist.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

13 thoughts on “OUR MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE – BIZARRO REBLOG – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. It is so hard to speak to supporters of 45 when everything he does seems so frightening and so self-indulgent. And the poor environment; the protections that have been ripped away…Oh no I’ve got to stop: my doctor said I must not allow stress to take over my life!


  2. Sad but true. It would be unimaginable at the turn of the century that the Republican party would embrace traditional enemies while doing everything possible to drive our allies away and tear the country apart. I saw an editorial recently that said they are not stupid or spineless, they are just evil. Worse yet, many in the voting public have embraced their lies.


    1. My Australian friends feel very much the same way about their PM. While half the country was burning down, he held a huge fireworks display at his mansion. And then there’s Boris of the U.K. Probably more, but it’s terrifying. They are communally destroying the world to make a few extra bucks.

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    1. Bizarro had stayed away from politics until very recently. I think he felt it was now or never and I agree. If we don’t speak out, vote, and get these evil bastards out of office, I’m not sure we will even HAVE a world to live in.


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