Pink Sails in the Sunset – Garry Armstrong

It was an amazing sunset. It wasn’t just the western side of the sky. It was the entire sky in all four directions. There was the purple and pink end and the orange and gold section and some other almost indescribable colors — red, maroon, violet, yellow. What a display!

Both Marilyn and I were taking pictures. The sky was really awesome, as in able to strike awe in all who saw it.

The purple and pink side of the sunset sky


    • Thanks, Ben. I took one look and thought, “Whoa!!” as I grabbed the camera, hoping I’d get something.


  1. A pro once told me that the best sunset photos are taken on the opposite side of the sky from the sun (i.e. shoot to the east for sunset). I’ve found that’s a good guide, but it happens on the eastern side about 10-15 minutes after the west side. This is a beautiful shot — it must have been a spectacular sunset!!!


      • But this shot belies your statement that you are far from a pro. The sunset was magnificent, but it was you who captured it with a combination colors, angles, reflections, and great composition! It’s a great shot!

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        • Garry is a lot better than he says and what’s more, he kind of knows it. He has a fantastic eye. His biggest problem is that the technology of the camera is not his thing. Technology isn’t his thing and probably never will be, I do the processing, but his eye is really good.

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