SQUARED UP ARIZONA SUNSETS #12 – Marilyn Armstrong

ON THE SQUARE – ARIZONA SUNSETS #12 – Marilyn Armstrong

I was amazed at the sunsets everywhere in Arizona. Just when I thought they couldn’t be better, the next night would be even more brilliant.

And so it went from one night to the next night, glorious sunset after sunset. In the mountains and even from city streets. Some nights, the sunset was so red it turned the mountains red, too.

Sunset – Phoenix

In the Phoenix mountains

More from the Phoenix Mountains

Sunset reflected on the Superstition Mountains

31 thoughts on “SQUARED UP ARIZONA SUNSETS #12 – Marilyn Armstrong

    • And ironically, I didn’t do anything to this picture except crop it to make a square. Otherwise, it’s right out of the camera. The sky really looks like that. I love those dark purple curling clouds too.


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  2. Before ‘the snow’ (which began on Thursday), there were a couple of nights this past week where our mountains were that vivid red. I tried vainly to capture them, but I’ve been lax and my ‘good’ camera isn’t working right now (I need to put the memory card back in it). The phone and the tablet, while okay for taking pictures, doesn’t have the quality to capture that elusive beautiful red. Thank you for sharing YOURS.

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    • I took some pictures of the red mountains. They look completely unreal. I didn’t know a sunset could make a mountain range look really RED. I’ll have to find them again. I always tone them down a bit because I think people will assume I’m tinting them, but they really were truly RED. It’s amazing.

      If you get a chance, they sell memory cards really cheaply on Amazon in batches. What I do to keep from discovering I can’t shoot because my chip is in the computer — or somewhere — is to have enough so when I take one out, I have another one to slip into the slot. I wish I were equally good with batteries!

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      • Those sunsets are to die for especially if you’re Dutch Henry Brown and Lyn MCClintock is on your trail, trying to retrieve his stolen Winchester ’73. Ride, faster, Dutch Henry. Ride, Cowboy, ride – the man from Arizona is gonna make this your last sunset.
        Some of these shots would be super in Cinecolor with Rex Allen, Jr. promising to lasso you the moon.

        Cowboys are special…with their own brand of misery…from being alone too long.


    • I tried to find shots where each one was different. Some nights I just found a place and kept shooting because the sky kept changing from minute to minute. I think three of these shots were all taken in about half an hour. I was ready to pack up and move there, even if it is killer hot all summer.

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  3. I’m originally a New Yorker and have been in love with that city all of my life. But recently, and after 40 years in the desert, I have slowly begun to admit that I may have become an Arizonan. Unlike NY, this place still is wild and untamed for the most part. You don’t have to go far out of the cities to experience open desert. It has taken nearly all the time I’ve lived here to really enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the desert. Some places, in our country, have tornados, some have hurricanes and others snow and Ice. We have indescribable heat, dust storms and occasional strong Thunder and rain storms.., and, of course, spectacularly beautiful sunsets. Y’all come back now, y’ hear?

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    • I learned to love the desert in Israel. People say it’s just tan and brown, but it isn’t. You watch it and it changes. A little rain and suddenly, it’s all green. A dry month and it’s almost white. Shades of those cacti — which are the same as yours because missionaries brought them to Israel in the 15th and 16th centuries — grow there. The fruit is a little different in color (different levels of alkali in the sand maybe?), but the fruit tastes the same. I really grew to love the desert. Jerusalem basically is IN the desert and back then, walk 100 feet and there you were in the Judaean desert. People from Arizona used to say it was just like home — the weather, the colors, everything.

      I hope we can come back if we ever are able to stop repairing and do something else with whatever money we have left — which sadly isn’t very much. We did the other two trips on credit, but we just can’t do that anymore.

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  4. Wonderful Arizona sunsets! I have always been amazed at the night sky in Arizona. In Sedona at night, one can see all the stars so clearly – it’s brilliant! There’s nothing like sunsets and night skies in the desert.

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