Squaring the Lamplight

Since Becky already named this, I thought it was a good time to use a photo I have always loved, but definitely needed a redo. This was taken under the streetlights on the sidewalk next to Boston Symphony Hall. It was December and we were there for the Christmas Concert.

The shadows and grain of the photograph made me immediately think of film noir and its dark shadowed moods. If you use your imagination, you can imagine stories about this one.

In the shadows under the streetlight in the heart of Boston

10 thoughts on “SQUARING THE LAMPLIGHT – FILM NOIR IN BOSTON #11 – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I don’t usually get shots like that. I tend to be — as I think you usually are — more into landscapes and sky, but night in a real city brings up a hint of the filmmaker in my soul. If Garry had a camera, I’m sure he’d have done something spectacular. He’s a serious film noir buff.

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      • So glad you had the camera for your inner filmself to enjoy. You are right I rarely do city scape, mostly because I tend to avoid them these days, but when I see photographs like this…I’m tempted to visit cities!

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        • We haven’t been to Boston in a long time — at least a year. The traffic is horrendous and our hour and a half drive can be more like three or four, depending on traffic. One accident and it backs up for miles. Then there’s finding an affordable place to park. It wasn’t always bad. When I got here in 1987 Boston was accessible, but it isn’t these days.

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          • Yeah, Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark) is that giggling nut, lurking in the shadows, waiting to give you the “Kiss of Death” (’48/Fox) Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy, Richard Widmark, Colleen Gray, Dir: Henry Hathaway. Widmark’s early, signature role — this is one where he shoves the old lady in a wheel chair down the stairs, giggling loudly as she screams out the final seconds of her life. A film noir gem. I think the real life Tommy may have lived in a Boston high rise. He had charisma.


      • Husband and Wife. Generous to a fault. Our closest and dearest friends. Yet, the pic might suggest a classic film noir encounter, “Where The Sidewalk Ends” (Fox/51–Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, Gene Tierney,)


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