I had a very dear friend who was going through a terrible time of her life, yet her Christian faith never wavered. She once told me you could sum up Christianity in a sentence.

“What is that?” I asked.

Marilyn Baker

“Christ died,” she answered, “so we would be nice to each other, even before morning coffee.” Then she smiled and took a sip from her cup.

Be kind to everyone. Even when you don’t feel like it. Maybe especially then.

She has since passed on and I still miss her every day. She was the gateway to my understanding that religious people could be honorable and courageous, not merely plotting hypocrites. She was pure gold.


12 thoughts on “THEN SHE SUMMED UP FAITH IN ONE SENTENCE – Marilyn Arnstrong

  1. What a great friend! 🙂 It seems (to me) that the best ones often move on ahead of us. Perhaps to spread their joy and wisdom in preparation for the sadder and more lost of us following along behind. I like that statement she made…. “even before coffee”. Priceless.

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    • She was about 14 years older than me and I was in my late 60s. I think she would have lived longer had the kids not pushed them to move. I understand why. Their house was quite vertical and they were having a lot of problems navigating the stairs — but a stairlift would have helped too and not taken them away from all the people and the church they loved. I think they were quite lost so far from home.


  2. Thanks for an interesting item about your friend. As a Christian in Britain, I like many others have wondered and worried about the attitude of Christians in America recently. I wish I’d known her, she sounds like a lovely lady.

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    • You hear about the really awful ones. If it hadn’t been for Other Marilyn (we used to call ourselves Marilyns A & B), I might never have understood how a real Christian can be. She made me believe. Not necessarily in Christianity, but in the potential goodness of humankind. We do NOT all have to be full of hate and fear. There can be goodness that is very close to greatness.


    • Not no one. But the bad ones seem to have the microphone and television cameras and the good ones are quiet and keep out of sight. And there really ARE good ones. They just aren’t mic grabbers.


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