Day and Light

It was one of only a few golden autumn days. I had gone into town for a haircut, but I’d also taken the camera. It was a beautiful day with the sun at its most golden amber. I took a few pictures. Eventually, I took a lot of pictures. It was so lovely, I couldn’t stop.

Sunny Autumn afternoon in downtown Uxbridge

The old library in the autumn sun

Sunshine on an old church

Along a road in fall. This photo is not processed. It’s straight out of the camera.

We didn’t have much autumn, but I think I managed to catch the best of it. Maybe next year, it will be better? We can dream.

16 thoughts on “AUTUMN AFTERNOON AND AMBER SUNLIGHT #14 – Garry Armstrong

    • Garry’s best work almost always has people doing stuff. That’s the old newsie in him. If he were a little less technically challenged, he would be a brilliant street photography. Sometimes, he already is and the only things that stop him are (a) living in Uxbridge and (b) living in Uxbridge.


  1. I’m the same. I went on a short walk in November, a sunny, exceptional day and the whole world was literally GOLDEN. I took only about a trillion pics and sent a collection of them to my WhatsApp friends – it’s fleeting alright but while it lasts, it’s sheer heaven.
    Like very much what your eyes see.

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    • It’s a trick of light that in this part of the world is rare, but much more common out west. I don’t know why for sure, but I’m guessing it is the amount of dust in the air and the lack of humidity. We get a few days like that. I miss most of them because here, in the woods, you just don’t SEE the sky, but elsewhere, I’ve managed to grab some photographs. And isn’t it amazing?

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