BRIGHT HIGHWAYS #14 – Marilyn Armstrong

Bright highways 

The road goes ever on and on …

We are forever on the road. Local road, railroad, highway, byway.  Some golden roads seem to exist just to remind us that the world is sometimes better than it has been lately.

On the way home …

A road of rails

The road by a stone fence

Tracks are the road

13 thoughts on “BRIGHT HIGHWAYS #14 – Marilyn Armstrong

      • We got our first real snowfall today. 6 inches but since evening, 6 more, and now another 6 and it’s still falling. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow more, followed by 5 or 6 days of torrential rain, so If it happens, some kinds of flooding I’m sure! Will update you as it happens. Wished I could send you video of Loki playing in the first snow…omg it was so cute! I’ll have to see if my son can upload it here for me. hehe


          • True enough. It started melting last night after my son shoveled 2 feet of snow into 4 foot piles and although they said torrential rain for five days, we have bright blue sky and it is continuing to melt and I’m hoping if it does rain, it’ll wait until some of the snow is gone. That could be a problem, but it was snowing hard enough the garbage man didnt come and school was cancelled for 2 days.


  1. There’s an old song with the words “freight train, freight train going my way”. Can’t think of the name of the song but those photos bring it to mind.


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