2020 is a Dangerous Year

I had not thought of this, but I can easily see how the number 20 makes forging the date extremely easy. Thank you, Fandango. I’ve been writing 2020 anyway out of habit, but I think I can handle an extra two characters without a lot of strain. A VERY good idea in this age of hacking and fraud — from someone who has been hacked, frauded, with many attempts in between. And those hackers and defrauders get more ingenious every day.

This, That, and The Other

6FD477C4-A68B-47B2-B66A-E4E245DB7A4DNever use “20” as a substitute for, or an abbreviation of, “2020.”

I learned this yesterday as I was signing a bunch of legal documents having to do with the purchase of my new home. My wife and I were sitting across the table from a notary public who had to witness each of us sign what must have been at least 30 different documents. The notary handed me the first document and said, “Sign and date on the line right above where your name is typed.”

I took the sheet of paper she handed me and used the pen with blue ink she gave me — it had to be blue ink, she said — and affixed my signature in the designated place and then dated it “1/16/20.”

She looked at it and then handed it back to me. “No,” she said, “you need to write ‘2020’ instead of…

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