Since I couldn’t square up most of these pictures, I thought I’d just post them because I like them. Red birds always get a lot more attention than other birds. They are so striking. We had a Cardinal visit the other day. It must be the same Cardinal because they are so territorial, we can’t have two living in the same area. He was a much duller red a couple of weeks ago. Now, he is brilliantly red. I wish he had held still and let me take his picture, but he was in a shy mood and flew off.

The red finches are surprisingly friendly. You can see where you might think of them as potential pets. They are all kinds of adorable.

Three feathered friends on a feeder

Fine day on a feeder

When the food is good, the birds like to hang around

Three birds and it is lunchtime

Today, all three feeders were occupied by Goldfinches. They simply took possession of and held onto it. They come in flocks and I swear they sleep on the feeders to keep other birds away.


12 thoughts on “MORE RED FINCH AND FRIENDS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I always feel lucky when the pretty birds show up, but I feed them all, pretty and not so lovely. All are welcome to eat. Lately, there have been almost no squirrels and that is a little bit worrying. Unless they are eating very early in the day, they are missing.

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      • We don’t have any snow (until today) and I would imagine the squirrels are still able to find plenty of food. They have been quite active here for the last few days – running around.


    • I’m lucky in that I’m pretty close to the birds and with the long lens I use, most of my blurry pictures are because I’m TOO close and my eyes aren’t sharp enough to see the difference. Autofocus only gets you so far. At some point, you need eyes that work and mind are fading slowly but surely and not a little less slowly and MORE surely.


  1. 8.45 in morning here and you just inspired me to look out of the kitchen window to see what bird visitors I have. Apart from the usual crowd of sparrows, there it was at the side, a red finch. Thanks for sending him over to me.


    • Aren’t they cuties? They are imported from the western part of the U.S. Pet store owners were caging them until the Environment people passed a law that it was illegal to cage wild birds. Pet store owners just let them go and they moved in just about everywhere. Maybe the got over your way too. They are charming and they get much redder in the summer.

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