12 thoughts on “DOWNTOWN SEALED LIGHT # 17 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Salt Lake City boasted a real diner (of the type you’ve shared here) at one time. “Ruth’s” was known far and wide and was wildly popular especially with frat boys from the University of Utah. As the actual Ruth aged and eventually died, one frat boy bought “Ruth’s”. I ventured there a few years ago and was dismayed to find it physically changed into a square concrete box restaurant, with the original diner car still in front, but the ambiance? Gone. I’ve never been back and I doubt I’ll ever go back. Sometimes it’s impossible to go home again, even if one is prepared. Thanks for the beautiful photography though! Your diner looks AMAZING! 🙂


    • The man who bought “Miss Mendon” did a major rehab on her. She needed a new kitchen and more spaces. The original only sat about a dozen people. But he did a very careful job and managed to not only keep the ambiance, but also make really GOOD food. A little pricey, but it’s one of our best restaurants in the area … county, really. A good rehab can make an old diner viable, but it’s expensive. We got lucky. Mostly, they just close them and build a new place which probably cost less than the rehab.


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