WINTER SCENES – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes

It certainly is winter here and today, it was actually cold. The earlier parts of the month were springlike, sometimes downright summery. Today, cold. Tomorrow? Snow? Sleet? Rain? Cold? Warm? All of the preceding?

NOW you’re talking. our precipitous winter days have mostly been a bit of everything, usually in about 12-hours. Although we have rapidly changing weather, it doesn’t usually all happen in a single day between dawn and the late news.

Junco in a bird’s winter

Waiting to a place at the feeder

Home in the snow – Photo: Garry Armstrong

A bench on the Common with snow – Photo: Garry Armstrong

12 thoughts on “WINTER SCENES – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They showed it on TV but kept telling us that the iguanas would be FINE. But yes, I’d rather look at a cardinal than having frozen iguanas falling on me. That looks like the wrong kind of downpour.


  1. The cardinal is the bright, delight of the day Marilyn. It’s cold an snowing today here too. Luckily our neighbour has a snowblower and is generously blowing us out. Otherwise it’s going to be the Winter Blues for us.


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